About Me

About Me

I am an experienced marketer and emerging writer with a proven background in branding, communications, writing, and editing, with a unique intersection of journalistic style, creativity, and critical thinking.

Curiosity and diligence have been the cornerstone of my success in marketing and communications, as well as developing my passion for creative writing while working full-time. I believe having a beginner’s mindset leads me to soaking up new information, generating new ideas, and critically delivering creative solutions. 

Whether I am writing a short story, developing marketing collateral, or building a brand management or relationship management program, I always return to the basics of what it means to be human: storytelling. My education and work experience have taught me there are infinite ways to communicate and infinite ways to share stories with one another.

Even though I graduated from the University of Toronto’s journalism program in 2010, it took me five years to realize that my life’s work is in storytelling. After a string of personal challenges and three and a half months of travelling did I realize I had to write creatively at whatever the cost. Since then, I have dedicated myself to mastering the art of storytelling through creative writing, marketing, branding, and communications. Within four years, I have written over 40 pieces (fiction, non-fiction, and poetry), published five of them, completed a post-graduate certificate in creative writing from Humber College and a Masters of Arts with distinction in Creative and Critical Writing at the University of Gloucestershire, and am about to complete the third draft of my manuscript — all while working full-time as a marketing and communications professional.

When I’m not thinking of brand or storytelling or marketing, I love to run 5ks, kickbox when I’m not running, and am always planning a trip to Europe.